Specialization Areas : Basic brain sciences
No. Name Department / Course Title / Position Specialization Areas
1 College of Comprehensive Psychology
Department of Comprehensive Psychology
Professor Experimental psychology, Cognitive science, Brain biometrics, Sports science
2 Research Organization of Science and Technology
Professor Nutrition science and health science, Physiology, Neuroscience-general, Archaeology, Measurement engineering, Radiological sciences, Cognitive science, Function of nervous system, Basic brain sciences
3 Graduate School of Language Education and Information Science
Professor Linguistics, Foreign Language Education, Cognitive science, Brain biometrics
4 Research Organization of Science and Technology
Professor Food sciences, Animal physiological chemistry, physiology and behavioral biology, Neuroscience-general, Pharmacology, Physiology, Basic brain sciences, Pathophysiologic neuroscience, Forensics medicine
5 College of Social Sciences
Department of Social Sciences
Associate Professor Educational technology, Basic / Social brain science, Brain biometrics, Education on school subjects and activities
6 Ritsumeikan Asia-Japan Research Organization
Associate Professor Childhood science (childhood environment science), Brain biometrics, Educational psychology, Clinical psychology, Experimental psychology
7 Research Organization of Science and Technology
Associate Professor Rehabilitation science/ Welfare engineering, Developmental mechanisms and the body works, Sports science, Applied health science, Brain biometrics, Neurophysiology / General neuroscience, Hygiene and public health, Orthopaedic surgery